Gamca (wafid) Medical Appointment (Online)

Original price was: ₨5,000.00.Current price is: ₨4,500.00.

Please select your desired Country for which you are having medical examination, City for medical examination, Marital Status and Job title that best suits your requirement.

You will be answered by mail soon, or you can share the payment details at whatsapp 03125818744 for quick reply.

We are 24/7 available online.

Appointment for Saudi Arabia

It is suggested to have medical examination from the City near you, Once issued it is not possible to change the city.

Our fee includes Consultancy charges. After appointment we are available to answer your questions any time at whatsapp helpline. 03125818744

Country Travelling to

"Saudi Arabia", "Oman", "UAE", "Bahrain", "Kuwait", "Qatar", "Yemen"

City for Medical Examination

"Islamabad", "Rawalpindi", "Karachi", "Multan", "Peshawar", "Lahore", "Gujranwala", "Sialkot"

Job Title or work

"Carpenter", "Cashier", "Electrician", "Engineer", "Labour", "Welder", "Business", "Cleaner", "Tailor", "Security Guard", "Manager", "Salesman", "Shepherds", "Agricultural Worker", "Service", "Supervisor", "Arabic Food Cook", "Car Washer", "Surveyor", "Electrical Technician", "Waiter", "Nursing Helper", "Anesthesia Technicial", "Worker", "Employment", "Accountant", "General Secretory", "Nurse", "Male Nurse", "Doctor", "Driver", "House Driver", "Heavy Driver", "Servant", "Light Driver", "House wife", "House maid", "Mason", "Painter", "Plumber", "Family", "Steel Fixer", "A.C Technician", "Technician", "Shovel Operator", "Dozer Operator", "Mechanic", "Pipe Fitter", "Student", "Drafts man", "Computer Operator", "Marvel", "Butcher", "Cook", "Medical Specialist", "Lecturer", "Plaster mason", "Residence", "Fuel Filler", "House Boy", "Office Boy"

Marital Status

"Single", "Married"


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